Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Late Night Idea

So I was up late the other night getting things in order for a tournament I have this weekend and came up with this little idea. I have a tendency to just stare at my models sometimes and realized what a pain it is to deploy out of my Wave Serpents because of the angle of the doors. Now I know this has nothing to do with my Chaos project, but hey.....

There may be other posts about this somewhere but I have never come across one so thought I would throw my idea out there about making deployment templates. I always felt that I was screwing myself and that if had just that little bit it would have made a difference. Now during a tournament I can't really take the time to check every model and min/max my deployment. So as not to look like a complete tool by measuring every model or getting frustrated trying to fit a squad of 10 Banshees in the area I made these....

How To:
  • Material Needed - Plasticard, I used Plastruct 1mm flat but you could probably use whatever.
First I took the Wave Serpent off the base and laid it on a piece of paper. I then marked the corners of the door and then connected the two corners with a strait line (the ramp exit). I then took a compass (measured out 2") and at each corner made a circle till about the center of the doors. Next you need to draw strait lines out 2" from the corners perpendicular to the ramp line and then connect those. After your paper template is made just transfer it to the plasticard and paint it.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little idea, I will be making some for my Rhinos once I get to them built, so really it can be translated to any army transports.

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