Friday, May 28, 2010

40K Spring Tourny 2010

OK, so last weekend we had our 3rd annual "Cincinnati Arsenal 2010 Bash" it was held at the Sharonville Convention Center. As always it was bigger and better than last years more prizes and more space. Thanks to the Organizers and also the Sponsors. We had 50 pre-registered (which was our cap for the space rented) this year with of course a few people who dropped the week of or just decided to sleep in (you all know who you are). The end result was 42 participants with, in my opinion, a pretty varied list of armies. Here is a link of the participants and the scoring for the event, also at the bottom of that page is a break down of the armies that were represented with the overall "Battle Points" for the day.

Again, I want to thank our Sponsors (especially Up, Up, and Away) for the prize support. All the prizes listed below are product values donated by our various Sponsors.

1st - $250 + Trophy
2nd- $150

3rd - $75

Best Painted Army - $75
+ Trophy

Door Prizes:

20+ Online Certificates and a bag of bases from Dragonforge
15x $10 Gift Certificates

Just a couple of pictures of our winners:
(click here to see the rest of the photos)

1st Place - Eric "Dickie" Taeger (center)
2nd Place - Eric "Edge" Tomlinson (right)
3rd Place - Jack Lussier (left)

*Note for next year, Change your name to Eric and have a nickname to go with it*

Best Painted Army - Eric Miller

"Mud Dogs" Imperial Guard
*click on the link above to see individual pictures*

1st Place Trophy

Best Painted Army Trophy

*Created by our very own Danny Samuels , looks amazing*
He is a art student and does commission work for anyone interested

So in conclusion it was another great year. 2011 should bring some new challenges and hopefully more people and bigger prizes. Next year we are going to try to implement all armies being painted, but these are all about growing the community and meeting new people so if we can get more people here and , more competitive play then we can work on it at a later time. Think of it this way the less armies painted the easier it is to win the Painting Prize.

Thanks everyone for reading, cant wait for next year.

**Side note, I did horrible this year (36th)...should have stuck with the Eldar**

Monday, May 24, 2010

Score: A


When the ork hordes of Warlord Snagrod lay waste to the planet of Badlanding and wipe out the Crimson Fists sent to stop them, Chapter Master Kantor prepare a hasty line of defence on the Fists home planet of Rynn's World. Tragedy strikes when an errant missile destroys the Space Marine's Chapter monastery, killing most of their warriors. With a handful of Crimson Fists left, Kantor must fight the campaign of his life, to defeat Snagrod's orks and prevent his Chapter's annihilation.


Loved the book. Excellent writing kept me involved the whole time. The emotional conflict Chapter Master Pedro Kantor has to deal with after the near destruction of his Space Marine Chapter, to either seek vengeance on the Ork Waaagh and lose the Chapter to history or save whats left of his men and his pride and seek to rebuild, is a dynamic look into the psyche of one of the Emperors finest leaders. There are just enough characters that you are not overwhelmed with dead-end filler stories, but still feel as if these people are part of the story and not just there to take up pages.

(Image and Overview from Black Library)


Finally found me a 3 column blog template that I like. I like it because it looks just like my old one and was VERY easy to edit and install all my old stuff. With this added column I am adding a new Section for "Book Reviews". I will give a short excerpt, or even a stolen one, about the books topic and then a short review of what I thought afterward. I encourage people post their thoughts on the book if they have read it, and of course please no spoilers about the books commented on. I don't want to ruin it for others. Most Black Library books can be ho-hum, but as you know if you read enough there can be some exciting fluff that is revealed that wasn't previously known.

Over the next few weeks I will go through my library of books, mostly all 40K novels and post reviews. Hope you check them out and leave comments good or bad about your thoughts.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Change of Format....

This is my first post of 2010 and though it looks like I haven't been doing much in reality I have been busier than ever on the 40K front.

Over the last few years I have aquired a bunch of random Space Marine sprues for cheap or virtually nothing. While inventorying my stocks and cleaning a bit I decided I had enough to build a whole army. This in turn lead to no postings on the old project of my "Word Bearers" chapter and the last blog format. Since the beginning of the year I have played in a couple local tournaments and one national one so building has been limited to weekends here and there.

Now with my Marines being close to completed I figured to keep motivated and updated I would change the format of my "CSM: Word Bearers and Beyond 2009" to "The Black Parade". This new name goes along with my other forum names on my local board (Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming) and more prominent forums (Dakka, Warseer, Cool Mini or Not, etc.). The "Black Parade" will eventually be my Word Beares and in turn Renegade IG (IA-7) armies I am in the process of collecting but until then what this allows me to do is have a blog that is less focused and fill it with more content than just my upcoming armies.

With the new format in place I will try to get more posts up and keep myself up to date. I hopefully will have new ideas and revised ones soon flowing in to keep not only me interested but you also.

My upcoming army for our 2010 Bash (May 22) ...

Crimson Fists: Fire from the Sky (1850)

Pedro Kantor - 175
SM Librarian - 140
(Terminator Armor, S. Shield, The Avenger, Might of the Ancients)

Sternguard x9 (Pedro) - 295
(Combi-Flamer x2, Combi-Melta x2, P. Weapon, Drop Pod)

Sternguard x9 (Librarian) - 305
(Combi-Flamer x2, Meltagun x2, P. Fist, Drop Pod)

Tactical Squad x10 - 240
(Lascannon, Meltagun, P. Weapon, Melta-Bomb, Drop Pod)

Tactical Squad x10 - 240
(Lascannon, Meltagun, P. Weapon, Melta-Bomb, Drop Pod)

Scout Squad x5 - 100
(Sniper Rifles x4, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks)

Scout Squad x5 - 100
(Sniper Rifles x4, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks)

Fast Attack:
Scout Bike Squad x4 - 120
(Cluster Mines, Astartes Grenade Launchers x2)

Heavy Support:
Thunderfire Cannon - 135
(Drop Pod)

Total: 1850 (60 Models)
Scoring Units: 6, Kill Points: 15

Not sure the proper Drop Pod tactic for 5th. Been playing some games and feeling it out, should get in 3 or 4 more games in by Tournament time, will let you know how it goes.

For now thanks for reading this long and boring post. There are plenty more where this came from.

Later, Chad


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