Friday, May 28, 2010

40K Spring Tourny 2010

OK, so last weekend we had our 3rd annual "Cincinnati Arsenal 2010 Bash" it was held at the Sharonville Convention Center. As always it was bigger and better than last years more prizes and more space. Thanks to the Organizers and also the Sponsors. We had 50 pre-registered (which was our cap for the space rented) this year with of course a few people who dropped the week of or just decided to sleep in (you all know who you are). The end result was 42 participants with, in my opinion, a pretty varied list of armies. Here is a link of the participants and the scoring for the event, also at the bottom of that page is a break down of the armies that were represented with the overall "Battle Points" for the day.

Again, I want to thank our Sponsors (especially Up, Up, and Away) for the prize support. All the prizes listed below are product values donated by our various Sponsors.

1st - $250 + Trophy
2nd- $150

3rd - $75

Best Painted Army - $75
+ Trophy

Door Prizes:

20+ Online Certificates and a bag of bases from Dragonforge
15x $10 Gift Certificates

Just a couple of pictures of our winners:
(click here to see the rest of the photos)

1st Place - Eric "Dickie" Taeger (center)
2nd Place - Eric "Edge" Tomlinson (right)
3rd Place - Jack Lussier (left)

*Note for next year, Change your name to Eric and have a nickname to go with it*

Best Painted Army - Eric Miller

"Mud Dogs" Imperial Guard
*click on the link above to see individual pictures*

1st Place Trophy

Best Painted Army Trophy

*Created by our very own Danny Samuels , looks amazing*
He is a art student and does commission work for anyone interested

So in conclusion it was another great year. 2011 should bring some new challenges and hopefully more people and bigger prizes. Next year we are going to try to implement all armies being painted, but these are all about growing the community and meeting new people so if we can get more people here and , more competitive play then we can work on it at a later time. Think of it this way the less armies painted the easier it is to win the Painting Prize.

Thanks everyone for reading, cant wait for next year.

**Side note, I did horrible this year (36th)...should have stuck with the Eldar**

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