Friday, June 11, 2010

Maximizing Deployment

OK, so some of you have seen my previous post on my "Disembarkation Templates" for my Eldar. This is just a spin off of that idea. I am working on my Chaos army and decided to go ahead and make some for my Rhinos. Since I haven't truly picked a Chapter (about 98% sure) there is no iconography on this template. I did borrow my buddies Black Legion squad to fill in for the photo shoot (for the promise of violence and blood shed they work cheap).

The picture above gives you a rough estimate of how I went about measuring for the template. It is really short and sweet with big benefits. That extra 1/4 inch you may short yourself may or may not make the difference, but why take the chance. Maximize your disembarkation and maul the unfortunates on the bad end of this good idea. Below I will post a couple pictures of rear and side exits to give a idea of how much room you have.

Thanks again for reading and hope you like the idea...looking forward to posting the Land Raider templates in the next few weeks.

(Rear Disembarkation)

(Side Disembarkation)

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