Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In The Beginning...

Well I have to start somewhere so below is my proposed army list that I will build my army from. I am sure in the coming weeks and months it will change but for now this is my starting point.

In our local gaming club Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming we have been playing 1750 point games for a while. Actually in May we have our annual tournament CAG '09 Bash in which I will be playing my 1750pt. Eldar army (I will post a update for that when it comes around). Anyway back to my original thoughts...I think that 40k is more balanced with armies that hover around 1200-1500 points. So with that in mind I have talked to a few people and we are going to scale back to the 1500pt. mark to see if the games are a little more fun and exciting.

This army is not a super competitive list, but it does follow the fluff of the Word Bearers and allows me to assemble and paint different style models. I am sure I will get comments on using Greater/Lesser Demons in my army, but hey I like them and they are a variable that causes me to think and could change the flow of battle not only in my favor but also in the favor of my enemy. Such is the fickleness of Chaos. This is pretty much a strait Undivided army. Later I will add squads with different marks making this a more versatile and deadly army, but for now this is just a fun list to paint and play.

Chaos Lord - 155pts. (Demon Weapon, Melta Bombs, Wings)
Summoned Greater Demon - 100pts.

Chosen [7+Aspiring Champion] - 239pts. (5x Plasmagun, Icon of Glory)

Chaos Space Marines [10] - 190pts. (2x Plasmagun, Icon of Glory)
Chaos Space Marines [10] - 190pts. (2x Plasmagun, Icon of Glory)
Summoned Lesser Demons [12] - 156pts.

Fast Attack:
Raptors [6+Aspiring Champion] - 175pts. (2x Flamer, Icon of Glory)

Obliterators [2] - 150pts.
Vindicator - 145pts. (Demonic Possesion)

Total - 1500pts. (52 models)

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