Thursday, February 19, 2009


So its been a while since we pulled out the Necromunda gear, but if you have ever played the game you know it is hard to stay away from. It came up in our local gaming forum with one of the newer guys asking if anyone has ever played. Having brought back all the memories of the mighty gangs and their expeditions through the Underhive, a few of us veterans decided to get together to relive the days of old. So with all that said this Friday (2/20) we are going to start a little friendly Necromunda league. We have in total three veteran players and three new player, two of which play 40K and the other just fantasy.

With my gang I am going the route of low upkeep with the addition of a couple extra muscle to make up for lack of numbers. I am a union Sprinklerfitter so I have based this gang off some of the Fitters and Apprentices that I have worked with in the past. My Ratskin is a guy who went scab after a year in the trade, and one of the Scummers is named after the superintendents son who is a complete tool.

V.A. [Gang Leader] - Chainsword, Autopistol

Tice [Heavy] - Hvy. Stubber, Autopistol

Hard-1 [Ganger] - Lasgun, Autopistol
Mckeown [Ganger] - Lasgun, Autopistol

J.D. [Juve] - Autopistol
Dorn [Juve] - Autopistol

Honeycut [Ratskin]
Juice [Scummer]
Grissel [Scummer]

I will give updates after each week of play and throw in a few highlights from my encounters in the Underhive.

Here are a couple pics of my gang that I have started converting (still a WIP). Not sure that there is a theme per se, so if I decide I want to change affiliation it will be as easy as starting a new gang on paper.

Gang Leader:


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